"Creative Closure Solutions for Premium Brands"


KOTOPACK is a privately owned company specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality Plastic & Metal Closures solutions for beverage industry. Among our clients there are some of the most reputable companies in the premium Spirits sector.

Our company was founded by senior management professional with over 20 years' experience in the field of closures.

During Kotopack's lifetime, we realized about the need for high-quality "special premium" closures at affordable prices to maximize the possibilities of brand enhancement through the packaging.

The current headquarters is located in the sunny and trendy Barcelona and group together the management, the Design and R&D team, Technical Support and Customer Service. This team is focused on offering the maximum level of service to our main target markets which are Europe and the USA.

Why choosing KOTOPACK is a good idea:

Because our value proposition combines the best of our lifetime background in the industry; the Mediterranean creativity of our experienced multidisciplinary Design and R&D team to create the best closure solutions just for your brand and product, and the advantages of producing tailored unique solutions in China (the world's factory) with European standards at an affordable price.

Services are another of our strengths. Our Service helps you before, during and after the purchasing process (including Technical & Customer Support for the project development, production process and Logistics, where we supply the closures from our warehouse in Spain, keeping Security stock if is required).

About us Secundaries SHOWROOM

Manufacturing facilities:

Even though all our R&D and support team are located in Barcelona; our production facilities are located in China, 2,5 hour drive southbound from Shanghai. All our installations assure the maximum safety, hygienic and quality conditions of our products under ISO 9001 / SA8000 certifications gained in 2008 and renewed in 2010. In the same manner, our Social Responsibility policies aim for our workers social development and the strict accomplishment of all the environmental laws.

About us Secundaries FACILITIES

We dispose of 40.000 m2 of factory area, divided into 4 different areas:


Our internal Technical team is responsible for the mold design and construction in close collaboration with the Design & R&D team in Barcelona.
All the process is made internally; we have a total of 34 CNC 5 axis machines. All the molds are tested and evaluated previously to the production phase. Samples are sent and must be validated for our Design Team and Client before the mold approval.


Our industrial facilities have a total capacity of 180MM closures/year; equipped with 63 Injection machines from 120 MT to 250 MT.

Most of the molds include hot runner with heat flow system.
Most of the machines are equipped with robotics manipulator.

About us Secundaries INJECTION AREA


Premium brands need premium design, decoration and customization. Our decoration capabilities include:

Surface Decoration: 1 Production line of vacuum plating, the capability is 120,000 caps per day.
Coating: 3 Coating lines for Plastic & Aluminum closures including UV coating, Soft Touch and natural drying coating with Capacity for 300 MM/Year.
Printing: 4 Auto Silk screen Printing of 3 colors & 3 of single color/ 5 Pad Printing machines, which can print 2 & 4 color.
Hot Stamping: 2 Auto Double color Hot-Stamping Machines / 13 Auto Single color Hot-Stamping Machines.

About us Secundaries SURFACE COATING


It doesn't matter the design complexity. We dispose of 10 Automatic Assembling Production lines and 6 Semi- Automatic Assembling Production lines.

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